Bournemouth BraLady has recently joined the Against Breast Cancer bra recycling scheme that benefits women everywhere.  The scheme provides an eye-catching pink bra bank where unwanted bras can be deposited.  Bournemouth BraLady customers can donate their unwanted bras when they have their home bra fitting appointment with me.  Alternatively, women can arrange to drop bras at my home by prior arrangement.  I am also looking to host regular coffee mornings that will give women the opportunity to join me to talk all things boobs and bras, have a look at the range of bras and accessories I currently stock AND bin their old, unwanted or ill-fitting bras.

Recycling bras prevents them from being dumped into UK landfills each year and the charity receives £700 from every tonne donated.  The scheme directs textiles to Africa where they help create local commerce and the scheme is also helping to create jobs in the UK.

Bernadette Jones, Chief Executive said “We have received very positive feedback from retailers adopting the scheme and great warmth from the public for an idea that helps the environment as well as charity”.

Funds received from the scheme are put to work by the charity to support the research they are conducting into breast cancer, now affecting 1 in 8 women in the UK.

Anyone wishing to find a local bra bank or who wishes to use the postal recycling scheme for bras, can go to for further information.