downloadAs a breastfeeding mum you’ll find that you need to replace bras more often than before.  Your cup size is going to be bigger than before and breasts full of milk are much heavier than normal breast tissue making your bra work harder.  When thinking about buying a bra it’s well worth remembering that the typical lifespan for a good quality, well fitting bra is 6-9 months.  This is why I would recommend you buy 2 or 3 daytime bras and 1 or 2 night time bras to rotate.   If you have a favourite bra (and your budget allows) buy two or more of that one so you’re not tempted to reach for the same one every day.  It makes sense if you really think about it – the more bras you own, the less often you’ll have to wear them and the longer they’ll last.

Here are some signs that your bra has to go:

– When you have to wear your bra on the tightest hook and it’s still roaming around or riding up your back
– When the elastic is so stretched out that it doesn’t bounce back anymore
– When it’s covered in stains or splotches
– When your band or cup has holes in it
– When your body has changed and you need a new size
– When moulded cups have lost their shape
– When wires poke through the cup or break
– When the hooks are broken or ripped out
– When your bust is drooping and your bra no longer does its job

Sound familiar?  Every few months, check on your bras.  If your favourite bras are worn out and you need to replace them, get a refit or try something new, get in touch with Bournemouth BraLady and arrange a home bra fitting.

Take good care of your bras and replace them when they’re past their sell by date.  Invest in quality bras, wash them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and put them on properly (straps first, lean over and place your breast tissue inside the cups then hook the back of the bra behind you before adjusting cups and breast tissue to ensure you’re all in place) so as to avoid stretching out the band and/or damage to the cups/wire.  Bournemouth BraLady offers a wide range of quality maternity and nursing bras from pregnancy and breastfeeding specialists Bravado bras, Emma Jane Maternity, Cake Lingerie, HOTmilk lingerie and Royce lingerie in sizes 28-48 band, A-L cup including sleep bras, sports bras and wired nursing bras.

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