Your breasts start to change in pregnancy not long after you have conceived.  Some women find that the first ‘sign’ they have that they are pregnant is when they notice changes in their breasts.  It is normal for your breasts to increase a cup size in the first trimester.

During pregnancy, your abdomen and lower rib cage increase in size to allow room for the baby to grow.  This means that the band measurement right underneath your breasts will increase during your pregnancy so it is important that there is room in your bra to grow too!  Your maternity bra needs to be fitted on the tightest fitting so that you can expand it as your ribcage grows.  By the end of your pregnancy, you might even find that you need a bra extender for the final few weeks just to give you that extra bit of comfort without needing to buy another new bra.

As your breasts are continually changing throughout your pregnancy, it is best to choose a soft cup bra rather than an underwired bra.  Soft cups will fit your changing breasts throughout your pregnancy whereas an underwired bra is likely to only fit you for a few weeks.

It is important that you get checked regularly throughout your pregnancy to make sure that your bras are still supporting your breasts.  By looking after your breasts in pregnancy, you can help prevent mastitis if you are planning on breastfeeding.  Even during pregnancy, your breasts are getting ready to produce milk and if your bra doesn’t fit properly, pressure on the milk ducts can lead to blockages and eventually mastitis.  A supportive bra through pregnancy could also help to delay ‘sagging’ which many women experience once they have breastfed!

These are just a few guidelines of things to be aware of when you are buying a maternity bra and different styles of bras will fit differently, so it is important that you try several different bras before making a final decision.  Remember, you will be wearing these bras for the rest of your pregnancy and you need to feel comfortable!  Being pregnant can be tiring and uncomfortable as it is so by having a well fitted bra, at least you know that your breasts are being supported!

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