I am a mum of three and am currently breastfeeding my 3 year old daughter.  I have always struggled to buy nice, supportive nursing bras in my size and my one experience of being fitted for a bra (in a well-known high street store) was not a good one.  I understand how important it is to wear well fitted, comfortable and attractive bras during pregnancy, throughout your breastfeeding journey and beyond!  I also understand how difficult it can be to take time out for yourself to actually go bra shopping and how frustrating it can be when you go shopping and are unable to find the right bra, in the right size.

I trained as a bra fitter with Tracey-Jane Hughes in May 2017 and launched Bournemouth BraLady, a home bra fitting and sales service, working as part of the BraLady network, specialising in maternity and nursing bras soon after.  I honestly LOVE talking all things boobs and bras and helping women to understand the importance of wearing a well fitted bra and am proud to have made it to the Finals of the mumandworking Awards 2018 Self Employed Parent of the Year (South) category less than 12 months after launching my business.

Since starting out on my journey as a specialist bra fitter in it has come as no surprise to me that the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size with many wearing band sizes at least 4 inches too big for their petite frames.  Whilst there is no doubt that this is primarily down to the fact that many high street stores are still fitting women incorrectly I have also found that ill fitting bras can be attributed to a woman’s own perception of her body size and shape, especially during pregnancy and those early days of motherhood.

One of the first questions I ask women when they contact me to book their home bra fitting is “what dress size are you?” as well as “what bra size are you wearing now?”.  Many of my customers are in a UK size 8/10 clothes and wearing 34/36 inch band bras.  Inevitably, these same customers come away from their Bournemouth BraLady fitting feeling and looking 100% happier and supported in 28/30/32 inch band bras.  This should come as no great shock when you consider that UK dress size measurements are based on a size 8 having a bust measurement of around 32 inches yet women are still surprised to find that they can fit comfortably in to a small back bra. Our bodies go through so many changes during our lifetime and how a woman feels about her breasts can have a significant impact on her confidence and self esteem.  A well fitted bra offers women that ‘lift’ that can make all the difference.

“Thanks!. Can I just say again what a revelation proper fitting bras are. It all just “sits” so much better! ” – Alice, Bournemouth

Bournemouth BraLady aims to cater for all body sizes with a particular emphasis on providing comfy, supportive and attractive maternity and nursing bras for the many women who need a small back and big cup size.  Working with pregnancy and breastfeeding specialists Royce, Hotmilk Lingerie, Cake Lingerie, Bravado and Emma-Jane Maternity I stock a range of bras starting at a 28 band, up to L cup.

More recently I have undertaken further specialist bra fitting training and have now grown my business to offer support to women affected by breast cancer, providing a mastectomy and post surgery bra and prosthesis fitting service.

Zoe Keeping – Bournemouth BraLady

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