“Excellent (and convenient) service. For once I have a well-fitting and comfortable bra! Would highly recommend.” – Alice (February 2018)

“A really lovely lady with an excellent service, and a great choice of maternity bras in all sizes! It’s so nice to have a well fitted and pretty nursing bra- I feel weightless which is quite a feat at the minute! Thank you Zoe!  x” – Francesca (October 2017)

“It’s great that you can be fitted properly, and in the comfort of your home for something that makes such a difference to your nursing experience. Zoe went out of her way to find me all the possible options in my size and visited several times with different stock to try. Very professional and down to earth, Zoe made me feel relaxed and I could tend to my baby without feeling flustered! Thank you Zoe x” – Kerry (July 2017)

“I have an 11 week with silent reflux which makes it almost impossible to go and get a fitting anywhere without him screaming, I’m also very busty but small round and most shops don’t stock any sizes to fit me. Zoe was lovely and made me feel at ease completely and now I actually have a beautiful bra that fits with more on there way and you can even see my waist! Whoop! X” – Harrie (June 2017)

“What a fantastic service! Zoe was knowledgeable, friendly and professional. So convenient to be fitted at home, and I now have bras that fit properly! Thank you so much x” – Beth (August 2017)

“Zoe was so helpful in finding me a sports bra after many failures at trying to do it myself. She tried loads of different sizes until we got the right one and once ordered it arrived quickly and Zoe came back to make sure it fit well before I bought it.  Thank you xxx” – Hannah (July 2017)

“Excellent service, Zoe was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I Highly recommend this service!” – Holly (August 2017)

“What a brilliant service – very professional bra fitting in the comfort of your own home to fit around life as a mum. A fantastic range of different bras to try with each one checked thoroughly for a perfect fit. Excellent communication from Zoe and she is a wonderful friendly lady to have come to you. Highly recommend this home service for any new mums out there!” – Kate (May 2017)

“Amazing service in the comfort of your own home and on a Saturday! Makes all the difference when you have a little one! Zoe made me feel very comfortable and found me a gorgeous bra that fits perfectly! Something which I have struggled with in Mothercare and other shops… can’t wait to try more bras from Zoe! Just wish I knew about her before I had my baby! Thanks again x” – Annie (October 2017)

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