Last week I went to fit a 91 year old woman in a care home. She had been in the home for a year following a stroke that left her unable to walk or talk for several months. She wasn’t wearing a bra at all as she no longer had anything suitable. We talked and she shared stories with me about when she was a young woman, when she was a singer and how she used to buy beautiful, expensive lingerie from Austria. Beautifully fitted, delicate lace bras that made her look and feel amazing.


Yet here she was, at 91 years old, pretty much confined to a chair in her room in a care home, needlessly apologising for her body. Worrying about her weight gain, changes in her body shape, the size of her breasts.  For all intents and purposes I could have been fitting a 28 year old. It really struck me that the woman she was wasn’t the woman physically sat in front of me, it was the woman she remembered when she was at her strongest and most beautiful.  I carefully and respectfully helped her to try on some bras that I had selected especially for her following an initial consultation with her daughter.  She sat quietly for a while just looking down at her breasts gently touching the beautiful embroidery across the cups.  I helped her to make her way to the bathroom so she could look in the mirror.  Then she asked me to go to her drawers and pick out a top that still had the tags on.  The top had been a gift from her daughter but she was yet to wear it as she didn’t feel able to without a bra.  We tried the top on her, on top of her newly fitted bra and it looked lovely.  I saw a sparkle in her eyes and a smile on her face as she smoothed her hands down the sides of her body.  I left the care home feeling like I’d achieved far more than just a sale.


You’re never too old for a proper bra fitting: comfort is increasingly important as we get older but that doesn’t mean clinging on to saggy old bras. Age, hormones, gravity – as we get older, our breasts change size and shape, becoming more fatty and less glandular and hence softer and less pert, particularly after menopause. Many women stick with the size they’ve always had, even when their body changes shape. Bournemouth BraLady offers a home bra fitting and sales including a range of attractive, comfortable and supportive wire-free bras – perfect for older women and women with limited mobility. 



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